Social Media FAQs for Small Business

All of your BUZZ-ing questions answered…

What’s different about Social Media Honey?

While other social media creators give you access to just plain-old generic posts, Social Media Honey is here to BEE the change! We want you to be at the forefront of your industry 365 days a year. So, every month, you’ll get access to unique, original, BUZZ-worthy social media posts, graphics, captions, and hashtags that relate to that specific month. This includes special days, trends, current topics, and more that are all related to your specific industry.

Do you offer any discounts?

YES! When you choose to subscribe month-to-month, you’ll have access to all monthly posts and Collections at a reduced rate. And annual subscribers get the BEST rate for ALL monthly and Collections downloads. It’s the BEE’S KNEES!

Do you offer any free-BEES?

YES! Just sign up for our monthly e-newsletter and you will get a free-BEE Social Media Honey post to download every month — no strings attached. Fly over to your industry page to subscribe to your specific industry e-newsletter and get your latest industry additions, new Collections, tips, and tricks — PLUS your monthly free-BEE download!

What if I don’t see my industry on your website?

At Social Media Honey, we’re continuously supporting new industries. Don’t see yours covered? Give us the BUZZ. Just scroll to the bottom of any page on our website and let our HIVE know by clicking ‘Tell Us Here,’ and we’ll consider it for upcoming launches. We want to hear from you!

Will more Collections be added?

YES! We’re adding new Collections EVERY month. Please keep checking back for more. And if you want to BEE the first get the BUZZ when we’ve uploaded a new Collection, simply sign up for email announcements here.

P.S. If you have a Collection idea for your industry, be sure to fly it our way. Head to your industry’s Collection page, scroll to the bottom and let us know!

Is a Canva account required?

Yes, you will need a free Canva account to accept the downloads and use them on your social media. This will also give you the option to change colors, text, fonts, photos, and even add your own logo, if you have one.

Once downloaded, your posts are yours to use forever!

Note that not all photos, fonts, and graphic style elements may be available through your free Canva account; so, you may need to choose alternate items, if necessary. However, you may opt to upgrade to a Pro Canva account, which is still quite affordable, to avoid needing to replace any photos, fonts, or graphics.

Note that Social Media Honey, its parent company, and related companies are in no way associated with Canva.

When will I receive my social media posts each month?

Whether you’ve opted in to a Social Media Honey monthly or annual subscription, for each month you’re subscribed you will receive a monthly download on the 20th of each month for the upcoming month’s posts. This will give you approximately 10 days to get your next month’s posts scheduled in advance. You can also choose to live post throughout the upcoming month, if you like.

Once downloaded, your posts are yours to use forever!

Note that access to each month’s BUZZ-worthy downloads, as well as captions and hashtags, will expire at the end of the designated month. For example, you would receive your March social media posts on February 20, and they will remain accessible through March 31. The download links and files for that month will no longer be accessible as of April 1.

How quickly will I receive my social media posts?

Whether you choose a subscription or make a one-time purchase, once your payment has been received and processed (usually just a few minutes), you will receive an email in your inbox with all of your downloads. HIVE five!

How do I access the social media templates in Canva?

It’s an easy, two-step proacess! To access and edit your social media templates in Canva, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the PDF file via your download link.
  2. Then, open the PDF and click the link provided on its first page. This will direct you to Canva, where you can modify each template as desired or use them as-is.

Note that if you’re not already logged into Canva when you open the link, you’ll be prompted by Canva to log in first.

Watch this short video tutorial for more details.

Can I use the social media posts as many times as I want?

You bet your BEE bonnet! Once downloaded, your posts are yours to use forever!

Why do you provide both a square graphic and a story graphic?

We mean BEES-ness! Social Media Honey provides you with both a square and story graphic for each crafted post. A square graphic can be used on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Threads, and X (Twitter). Story-sized graphics can be used on TikTok, Facebook Stories, and Instagram Stories/Reels. Between the two graphic sizes, you’re covered on any platform where you’d like to promote yourself!

What if I have my own branding?

This was meant to BEE! No problem… Canva makes it easy for you to change fonts and colors — and even add your own name and/or logo to the graphics.

Check out our YouTube channel for easy BEE-sy videos (just 1-3 minutes each) to customize each post and add your own branding.

What about using local hashtags?

Since we have clients across the United States and abroad, we don’t have the capacity to create localized hashtags for every state and region. We encourage you to check out this article for tips on discovering local hashtags for your area. PLUS, for un-BEE-lievably custom social media marketing, you can always choose the Royal Bee Plan.

Can I share the downloads that you send me?

Unfortunately, no. The team at our Social Media Honey HIVE takes the time to create each original and unique post from scratch. To keep providing quality content for our loyal subscribers each month, we need to remain fairly compensated for our creative products, as well as our time and talent.

We require each individual user to either purchase à la carte OR have their own Social Media Honey account and subscription in order to receive and access all social media posts and Collections, including post captions and hashtags, directly to their inbox. Sharing any download link(s) and/or screenshots of Social Media Honey-created graphics, post captions, and hashtags or any other copies thereof is not allowed and can subject you to legal fines and/or legal fees for unauthorized distribution of our content in addition to the time and fees related to the collection of any such lost income to Social Media Honey plus any damages and/or other legal issues that may occur.

What about posts with your watermark images?

Any social media posts with the Social Media Honey BEE watermark cannot be shared with anyone else. Nor can they be screenshotted for online or other use by any person or entity. Images of our social media posts with our watermark Honey BEE are for informational purposes only and not for online use or reuse. See the prior question for further legal information.

I can’t find my download notification email.

First, we recommend that you check your spam, junk, or ‘other’ folder. If you use Gmail, please also check your Social and Promotions tabs. If it’s not there, adding to your address book or safe list may help you locate these emails now and in the future.

I’m having trouble downloading my files.

If nothing happens when you click the download link(s), there may be an issue with your web browser. Please disable any nonstandard add-ons like ad blockers or toolbars that you’ve installed and try again. If your computer warns that the file has been corrupted, please delete the file and try downloading it again. If your computer is unable to open the file, it’s possible that you’re missing the program required to open the file type. You must have a free Canva account and the ability to open and read a pdf to access our files. We recommend being already logged into these accounts prior to clicking the links provided to you.

If you continue to have trouble, please contact Social Media Honey Support at

Do I need to renew my subscription every month or year?

Your subscription will auto-renew for the next subscription period (monthly or annual). So, as long as you’re happy, you’ll continue to receive fresh and up-to-date social media posts every month. No further action is required. You’re BEE-utiful!

However, we will contact you if there’s an issue with your subscription auto-renew, such as a failed payment or a change in your credit card expiration date. In these cases, you will receive your next month’s social media posts upon successful payment/renewal completion.

What if I’m not ready for a subscription?

No problem… We get it. Sometimes you just want to test your WINGS first. You’re welcome to purchase social media monthly posts or Collections individually — as many as you wish and as often as you wish.

Note that when you do choose to subscribe on a month-to-month basis, you’ll have access to all monthly posts and Collections at a reduced rate. And annual subscribers get the BEST savings for ALL monthly and Collections downloads — EVERY day.

I received my download, but I changed my mind.

If you’ve made a one-time purchase or purchased through a subscription, we’re not able to offer refunds for digital assets already sent.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Although we hate to see you leave our HIVE, we do understand that circumstances can change. You’re welcome to unsubscribe at any time by logging into your customer portal.

Note that we cannot provide refunds for an already-paid subscription. You’ll continue to have access to your account/portal and receive communication and monthly downloads throughout your paid-for subscription period, whether monthly or annual.

We recommend that you unsubscribe at least 7 days prior to your subscription renewal date in order to avoid being charged for the next subscription period. Cancellations received after 7 days prior to your monthly or annual subscription renewal date cannot be guaranteed to process in time and will not be refundable.

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